Environmental Friendly Air Compressors For Commercial Use

Air Compressors

As the name suggests, air compressors pressurize the air. They fill the air in tanks while converting the power into potential energy. The process of filling a tank with air continues until the amount of air reaches the upper value of the tank’s limit. Then, this air can be used to perform various tasks and this can be continued till the tank reaches the lower value of its limit.

This is mostly done using electric motor, diesel or gasoline as a power source which gives rise to the question – “if there is an eco-friendly alternative to air compressors too?”

70% of all manufacturers use industrial air compressors which results in an increased carbon footprint due to the power source they use to pressurize the tanks with air.

Minor changes can help the compressor you are using being eco-friendly. Measures that can lead to the eco-friendly nature of a normal air compressor –

It is always necessary to keep checking on the maintenance of the compressor. If you ensure the cleaning and proper working of all parts of the compressor, it directly leads to the efficient working of the equipment. Also, it means less power loss. Sometimes the amount of power used by the air compressor, if left unchecked can lead to severe and unnecessary wastage and cause malfunctioning in the plant which can hinder the entire process altogether.

Your compressor must not have leaks. This may lead to thriving pests that are killed using toxic gases and hence lead to a poisonous work environment.

Keep the parts lubricated enough to ensure the proper working of the machine. The water used in the machinery processes and the cleaning of the device should not be directly disposed of in a major water source.

All this can be done to avoid your air compressor from harming the environment or you can go for eco-friendly air compressors; which do the same tasks but you don’t need to take care of all of it as they are designed to consume less energy, emit less harmful gases, and they also help with your plant’s air quality. These compressors, once obsolete, can also be recycled in the nearest depot instead of discarding them altogether. Once recycled, they can be transformed into a part that can be highly beneficial to the industrial sector.

Oil contamination not only slows down the machinery working but ruins the whole production routine as well. So, go oil-free.

Air Compressors Can Be Categorized Under Three Categories

  • Consumer-grade – these are household air compressors. They can be used to inflate tires or nail walls.
  • Professional grade – they are used for heavier workloads and provide comparatively more pressure.
  • Industrial grade – these are found in large plants and factories.

The above classification is an outcome of the pressure a compressor can provide and its durability. But how to go green?

This depends on the pressure of the air that comes out of a compressor. It is measured in psi (pound-force per square inch).

  • Low-pressure compressor discharge air with a speed of 150 psi or less.
  • Medium pressure compressor discharge air with speed ranging from 151 psi to 1000 psi.
  • High pressure has a discharging speed of more than 1000 psi.

This is where you get your chance to choose environment-friendly compressors. As more the pressure you need to work more the energy efficiency of the compressor matters.

For larger setups, only two things can help become a compressor eco-friendly – the source of energy (so go for a renewable or clean source of energy) and a system so that most of this energy can be used. These products can be best discarded by returning them to recycling centres and earning in the process which creates a perfect win-win situation. It deeply contributes towards sustainable development at the same time, the depreciated value received through recycling can be used towards better processes in the manufacturing or industrial plant.

Products Available

Samsung has four major products in the market:

  • Recipro
  • Minirotary – offers ultra-lightweight, high efficiency, low vibrations, and noise.
  • Rotary – this one’s famous for its robust design and great power with less noise.
  • Scroll – these are the ones used in Samsung’s air conditioners.

Hitachi produces the same types of industrial-grade air compressors. The power capacity of compressors goes to a maximum of 1000kW.

One such product from Hitachi is Hikoki EC68 – which weighs 28 kg and has a capacity of 24 litres. It costs around 22,000. These factors need to be considered before you purchase an air compressor that is best suited for your business. Environment-friendly parts can ensure a better and effective running of the business and factory functioning.