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How to Prevent Pests in your Garage

Did you know that your garage is a great place for storing items that you don’t use often and you can even use your garage as a study or office? Unfortunately, your garage is also a great place for insects and rodents to call home.

Here we share some tips to keep them out of your garage:

Remove all existing pests 

First of all, you need to remove any existing rodents and bugs from your garage. If you already have a pest infestation you need to have that taken care of first before preventions are put into place. It is usually best to contact a professional in some cases where safety is concerned, for example if you have a wasp nest in your garage it would be ideal for you to contact a pest control service to handle the wasp removal.

Clean up the garage.

You need to sweep up the floors in your garage and clear away anything you don’t need. Look for moisture spots and get them fixed ASAP as moisture attracts mosquitos and other bugs. It is a good idea to store everything inside plastic tubs with tight fitting lids so there is nothing sitting around that bugs can nest in between and around.


Checking for cracks.
A good way to stop pests from setting up home in your garage is to stop them from getting in altogether. Check the cracks in your walls,

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foundations and ceilings and windows, all the common places for bugs to get into. Try to pay special attention to the garage door where quite often the door doesn’t fit snuggly against the floor and a gap exists. You can get a flap that is exactly for this reason and will block the gap underneath the door where bugs can get in.


Lay traps.
If you are suffering from rodents and they still manage to get inside your garage you can set traps with foods that will attract them and catch them all and dispose of them properly in the bin so you don’t attract anymore.

It is a good idea to not store food inside your garage but if you need to you must ensure they are sealed in a tight container that cannot be chewed through. Don’t store food that has a strong odour that rodents and pests can seek out.

The Sonic Repellent.
The sonic repellent creates a powerful ultrasonic wave that prevents rats and mice from getting inside your home. These can run 24/7 so your garage is protected around the clock. This is safe to use around humans and pets. All you need to do is plug this repellent into a wall socket and you will get a continuous output of roughly 100db that will deter pests and rodents. These do not harm the rodents just deters them away from living in your home.

Once you have any pre-existing pests removed, prevention is the key to ensuring they remain out of your home. You need to ensure all pests are removed from the garage before you take measures to prevent them as even eggs can hatch and start the cycle all over again. Speak to a professional that has sufficient experience with Rat pest control if you are unsure how to treat and prevent pests or if you have tried to do so but have failed. Professionals have good tips and ideas on what you can try for all sorts of rodents and pests.