DJ for weddings

Wedding DJ or Band

If you’re planning a big Gatsby-style wedding, pick a band that specialises in 1920s music and find a DJ who is familiar with tunes from that era. A good DJ plays a wide range of music that caters to many tastes and has acquired your favourite songs, even if they are not included in their collection or repertoire. Some bands have a limited number of pieces they can learn for you on the wedding night, and the DJ might able to access them in seconds.

Ask about noise restrictions and power sources, as they can help limit your choice. Choosing between a live wedding band and a wedding DJ is a matter of personal preference. Live wedding bands can be more expensive than a DJ for weddings, as bands often consist of multiple musicians and have more equipment than a DJ. How much you spend on reception entertainment on your budget can also affect your wedding DJ and band options.

If you have a healthy budget, love live music, and want top-notch wedding entertainment, then you can rent a live wedding band. If you can afford it, book a good option for wedding DJs and live bands to perform at the wedding. Both have their advantages and disadvantages, and you might find yourself in the nice situation of not knowing which one to choose.

entertainment agency melbourneThere are many things that need to be considered. For example, wedding bands tend to cost more, have personal preferences, and DJs appeal to a broader audience. Things like actual physical space, power restrictions and noise regulations can also affect your decision whether you want a wedding band or a wedding DJ. We all love a good meal with some great music. As music has the power to make or break a wedding party so it is a big decision to decide who should play at your wedding – whether you will have a live band, DJ, or disc jockey playing at your wedding should be your personal preference. You can refer to entertainment agency Melbourne to help you with the process.

A wedding DJ can offer a little more variety in the music genres than a live band. When guests request songs from the DJ band, the DJ can play more songs to get more guests onto the dance floor at your wedding reception. Many couples who hire a wedding DJ prefer the variety of music that live bands may not offer.

If you want to enjoy live music at your wedding but can’t afford a band for the duration of the day, consider having a band play during your ceremony and cocktail hour while the DJ plays during the reception. Live bands are the way to go for your wedding entertainment, whether someone has a particular taste in music or just wants an energetic show.

Live musical entertainment is a fantastic experience that is usually reserved for special occasions, but there is no better time than the day of your wedding to book a band. Great live bands tend to lure people onto the dance floor – something that is not the case when a DJ plays recorded music. To integrate live music into your wedding budget, start looking for bands early in the wedding planning process.

In the event that you need to choose what to wear, ask for them to learn a song for the first dance or anything else, a great band will be happy to work with you to make sure that your wedding day is fantastic. A top DJ can complement a live wedding band very well, giving a real quality to the big party atmosphere and the musical consistency of your wedding.

DJs can customise their music choices for non-traditional weddings in a way that a wedding band cannot. Some wedding bands may also offer DJ services, including making announcements, answering song requests on-site, and designing playlists for you.

A full live band at your wedding reception is one of the most amazing things newlyweds can do for their guests. A cover band may be a better choice if you want your wedding guests to sing along as they dance together.

Wedding bands can be expensive, but if you’re looking for authentic musical entertainment, you can’t beat them.